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Course Overview:

This course is being discontinued on August 20, 2021.   No further enrollments will be allowed into this course.

Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs around the world require students to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English as an entrance requirement.  The TOEFL test gives test takers the opportunity to prove they can communicate ideas effectively by simulating university classroom and student life communication.  The test measures how well test takers use English, not just their knowledge of the language.  This course provides a comprehensive overview of the TOEFL, including information about the test, an explanation of test scores, and thorough coverage of each area of the test itself.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to take practice TOEFL tests that will help estimate how the student might perform on the actual test.  Upon completion of this course, students will be fully prepared to take the TOEFL examination.

About ProTrain:

ProTrain is committed to offering world class interactive online courses that provide training and learning support for the student in a number of ways during their experience. The ProTrain course structure has been developed to provide activities to guide students throughout the entire process of learning. Learning activities include hands-on assignments that allow students to use what they are learning to allow better transferable skills within their work environments; and collaborative assignments, like wikis and discussion groups that allow them to share what they have learned with others in the same course.

While a student learns, they are not alone. Each student will receive guidance and support from his or her assigned Training Assessment Manager (TAM) and Student Services Specialist (SSS) representative. In addition, we will offer live monthly webinars and feedback sessions for various subject categories. Throughout the entire course, students are monitored by the SSS representative using progress reporting from the ProTrain Registration System (PRS).

ProTrain will provide Students who successfully complete their online certification programs and pass their industry level certification exams the access to the new ProTrain Education-2-Employment Career Tracker system. The Career Tracker will allow our students who pass exams to load their own resumes at no additional cost, and letting industry employers find their talent through the same database.

Curriculum Developer Biography:

Willow Nolland is an expert in education and eLearning, with more than ten years of experience in curriculum development and instructional design. She has worked in higher education for over twelve years, and has developed numerous courses and has been involved in curriculum development across disciplines. She has experience with academic program development and coordination, curriculum development, student learning outcomes, educational partnerships, and student development. In addition, she has developed and administered professional development programs for various groups, including teachers, counselors, healthcare workers and members of private industry. She is a certified Quality Matters Reviewer and has taken graduate courses in online course development. She designs and teaches online courses at the college level and is proficient in a variety of course management systems. She has helped educators redesign their courses to transition them from a face-to-face format to an online format, and has provided course editing assistance to others. As a freelance instructional designer and curriculum developer, her projects have included course editing and redesign of online continuing education courses for nurses, CEU curriculum development for healthcare workers and teachers, and course review and editing for various colleges and universities.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: About the TOEFL Test

In this lesson, you will learn about the TOEFL test and its purpose.  You will receive an overview of the different sections of the test, as well as how the test is scored and used to determine placement.  You will also receive test preparation tips.  Upon completion of this lesson, you will have a thorough understanding of TOEFL and will be ready to begin learning about each section of the test in-depth.

Lesson 2: Reading Section

In this lesson, you will learn about the reading section of the TOEFL.  You will have the opportunity to see sample reading passages and will learn strategies for reading through them and answering the questions.  You will also have the opportunity to practice using reading samples and practice questions at the end of the lesson.

Lesson 3: Listening Section

In this lesson, you will learn about the listening section of the TOEFL.  You will learn about basic comprehension questions, pragmatic understanding questions, and connecting information questions.  You will also learn strategies for preparing for the listening section and will have the opportunity to practice using activities at the end of the lesson.

Lesson 4: Speaking Skills

In this lesson, you will learn about the speaking section of the TOEFL.  You will learn about the different types of speaking questions such as independent questions, reading/listening/speaking questions, and listening/speaking questions.  You will also learn about the speaking scoring scoring.  This lesson will provide you with strategies for preparing for the speaking section, as well as opportunities to practice.

Lesson 5: Writing Section

In this lesson, you will learn about the writing section of the TOEFL.  You will learn about the integrated writing task and the integrated writing scoring rubric. You will also learn about the independent writing task and the associated scoring rubric.  Finally, you will receive sample topic lists and will have an opportunity to practice at the end of the lesson. 

Lesson 6: Practice Sessions

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to take a number of TOEFL practice tests to see how you will do on the formal exam.  This lesson will help you identify areas you are prepared for, as well as areas you still need to work on.

Lesson 7: Writer's Handbook for ELL

In this lesson, you will review the Writer's Handbook for English Language Learners.  You will learn about grammar, usage, mechanics, style, organization and development, and revising, editing, and proofreading.  This lesson will help you improve your writing skills through the use of standard writing resources and mechanics.

All necessary materials are included.

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